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The Right to Move Conference Papers

Posted in News and Articles, Political Risk by politicalrisklatam on January 22, 2010

by James FarrerDevin T. StewartFlorian CoulmasJohn HaffnerMark RaperMathias Risse, for Policy Innovations, January 22, 2010.

Most research on migration has focused on empirical questions about the motives, strategies, and social and economic consequences of migration, or at the state level about the boundaries of citizenship and costs and benefits of migration in terms of social and economic development. We suggest that discussions of the migrant experience and migration policy might be differently informed by focusing explicitly on the ethics of migration. Do people have, for example, a fundamental “right to move,” and if so, how do we ground this right in political and social theory?

There are many specific ethical questions about migration, both at the individual level of how people justify migration and at the collective level of why countries should encourage or limit migration. Beyond general philosophical purposes, focusing on definitional questions of ethics should have implications for reconceptualizing both migration policies and empirical research agendas on migration.

The Right to Move symposium represented an interdisciplinary and comparative discussion of the ethics of migration, with attention to migrant- and state-centered perspectives. This collection of resulting essays brings together the reflections of philosophers, sociologists, political scientists, legal scholars, and policy makers on this crucial contemporary topic…(continue reading)


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