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Top Five Sociopolitical Business Risks for 2010

Posted in News and Articles, Political Risk by politicalrisklatam on January 27, 2010

by Michael Shtender-Auerbach, for Policy Innovations, January 14, 210.

If 2008 saw the worst financial crisis since the 1930s, 2009 couldn’t end fast enough. The question now is What will 2010 bring?

We witnessed some encouraging signs of recovery in 2009. The United States inaugurated a President who vowed to bring “change,” repair a fractured global (and domestic) economy, and further the global common good. Though the worst of the crisis appears to be over, indications are that many of the structural problems underlying the economic malaise remain. Now, at the onset of growth, corporations need to carefully calibrate their strategies while remaining conscious of risks that affect their standing and operations in a climate that will mercilessly punish those who move too fast—or those who move too slowly in taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the recovery.

As the weaknesses of the Western developed world have been exposed, the emerging economies of the global south and those to the east have begun flexing their muscles with new confidence. The rise to prominence in 2009 of the G20, which has all but replaced the G8, underscores the indisputable emergence of China, India, Brazil, Russia, Turkey and others to the top of the global player league. In 2010, those challenges will be magnified as Western companies confront not only their standing in the global marketplace, but also the values that have long underpinned it…(continue reading)


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