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Serra in disarray “campaigns” for Lula da Silva’s protégé Dilma

Posted in News and Articles, Political Risk by politicalrisklatam on August 30, 2010

by MercoPress, August 30th, 2010.

While the Brazilian ruling coalition presidential candidate Dilma Rousseff consolidates her lead in opinion polls and is almost certain to win in the first round October 3, her main rival Jose Serra’s campaign seems to have fallen in disarray.

In effect in his latest criticisms Mr. Serra claims that a government can’t be managed by remote control or “under instructions”, much less “out-sourced”, trying to convince the electorate that who really is going to run the show if Ms Rousseff is elected is her mentor and protector President Lula da Silva.

However this has been precisely the real message of Lula da Silva, the most popular Brazilian president in the last six decades, who has gone out of his way to tell the people that Ms Rousseff is the continuation and guarantee of his administration.

“She’s me, dressed as a woman” and “we must give women a chance” has on occasions said the Brazilian president in a permanent effort to convince the electorate that they can trust the lady bureaucrat, former minister and cabinet chief but with no electoral experience.

“A candidate can’t have two faces. Commands are not outsourced. It’s imaginative, creative to think Brazil can be ruled by Lula out of the government. That’s not possible”, said Serra, former governor of the state of Sao Paulo addressing representatives from manufacturing industries. (continue reading… )


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