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Argentine Beef Overtaken by Mercosur Partners

Posted in News and Articles by politicalrisklatam on September 1, 2010

by Marcela Valente for IPS News, Septermber 1st, 2010.

South America’s Mercosur trade bloc is becoming established as the top world producer of beef, with 40 percent of the international market. But while in Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay production and exports are growing, Argentina, the home of the legendary “asado” barbecue, is falling behind.

A report by the Argentine Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, based on data from the United States Department of Agriculture, indicates that rising beef consumption in Asia finds Mercosur (Southern Common Market), with the exception of Argentina, well-placed to increase sales.

Economic recovery in Asia has been stronger than expected, and will encourage key buyers like South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan, the report says, adding that Russian imports have also grown due to increased demand.

In this context, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay will benefit from increased Russian imports and the continuing fall in Argentine exports, it says.

According to the study, the four Mercosur countries will supply 2.9 billion tonnes of beef this year, equivalent to 40 percent of the global market. (continue reading… )


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