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Peru, Chile, Colombia integrate stock-exchange operations

Posted in News and Articles, Political Risk by politicalrisklatam on September 30, 2010

by MercoPress, September 30th, 2010.

Integrated Peruvian, Chilean and Colombian stock-exchange operations are set to begin November 22 announced the president of Peru’s stock exchange Roberto Hoyle who said that the integration would attract investors and increase competitiveness .“The integration will be an important step to increasing attractiveness and competitiveness, as well as greater capital flows,” said Hoyle.

A spokeswoman for the Lima exchange added that the November 22 date represents the first phase of the integration and as of that date, investors in Lima would be able to buy Chilean and Colombian company shares via the Lima exchange.

The Peruvian market has a majority (53%) of shares linked to the mining industry while Colombia is mostly manufacturing /78%) and Santiago, the services sector (32%). It is estimated that average combined operations could reach 300 million US dollars per day.

During the first phase Chile, Peru and Colombia aim to start a system of cross- border transactions in stocks, and in a second phase, the three exchanges plan to establish a common market by the end of next year.

The integrated market would surpass Mexico in terms of combined market value and narrow the gap with Brazil, as well as incorporating securities such as bonds. (continue reading… )


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