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Argentina warned: “Falklands’ defences remain strong

Posted in News and Articles, Political Risk by politicalrisklatam on October 18, 2010

by MercoPress, October 17th, 2010.

As the United Kingdom reviews the strength of its armed forces amid severe Government economic cuts, the Secretary of State for Defence, Doctor Liam Fox, has declared that the defence of the Falkland Islands remains strong.

In a BBC television interview he dismissed suggestions that Britain could not now launch a 1982 type Falklands rescue attempt if Argentina ever attempted to invade again. He replied: “If anyone thinks that the Falklands Islands defence is weak, they should think again”.

The Defence Secretary’s assurance comes as Argentina persists in pursuing its campaign for sovereignty over the Falklands as the Islands continue to prosper as a democratically-ruled British territory enjoying self-determination.

Dr Fox said Britain is far stronger militarily than Argentina and that the Falkland Islands are defended by some of the most modern weapons such as Typhoon strike aircraft deployed at Mount Pleasant military base. He said that the Islands are also defended by submarine patrols. The Mount Pleasant base, constructed since 1982, facilitates rapid reinforcement not available at the time of the Argentina invasion. (continue reading… )


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