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Chavez announces 2012 re-election bid and warns on the return of the ‘bourgeois’

Posted in News and Articles, Political Risk by politicalrisklatam on November 23, 2010

by Merco Press News, November 23rd, 2010.

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez announced he would again run for office in 2012 underlining that “there’s no turning back” from the current “Bolivarian revolution” process which he has been leading for the last twelve years.

“The December 2012 elections it can be said are round the corner and the campaign has already taken off. You know that if God gives me life and health I will be the presidential candidate”, said Chavez during a political rally with students.

“And it’s you who are going to decide whether this soldier will continue to lead the revolution or you will allow the bourgeois to throw down the drain the people’s dreams”, underlined Chavez who was first elected in 1999. “I count on you and I’m sure we are going to a great battle and an even greater victory in the 2012 elections” said Chavez insisting that the rich bourgeois will continue with “the idea of de-stabilizing the country”.

“There’s no turning back from this revolution; there’s no deal possible with the bourgeois; dare not anyone believe there’s a chance to reach an agreement with the bourgeois, with the opposition, never in a lifetime”. (continue reading… )


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