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Yet another victim

Posted in News and Articles, Political Risk by politicalrisklatam on November 23, 2010

by The Economist – Americas View, November 23rd, 2010.

Organised crime appears to have claimed another prominent political scalp in Mexico. Jesús Silverio Cavazos Ceballos, who served as governor of the tiny state of Colima until November 2009, was gunned down by three men outside his home yesterday morning. So far the killers, who arrived in a Jeep that had been reported stolen in the state of Querétaro, have not been found, nor a motive established.

With a murder rate last year of 8.7 per 100,000 people, Colima fell well below the Mexican average. But according to a count by Reforma, a Mexican newspaper, things have deteriorated since then. So far in 2010 Reforma has counted 61 crimes linked to drug trafficking in the state, compared with 12 last year and five in 2008. Three gangs (the Sinaloa “cartel”, Los Zetas and La Familia Michoacana) are said to be fighting for control of the Pacific trafficking route, which Colima, Mexico’s second-smallest state by population, has the bad fortune to be right in the middle of. Mr Ceballos, a member of the opposition Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), had been the subject of rumours linking him to drug traffickers during his period in office, but nothing was proven.

The murder may well never be solved. Still no one has been found guilty of the killing of Rodolfo Torre Cantú, who was just a few days away from near-certain election as governor of Tamaulipas when he was shot dead in June. At least a dozen mayors have been murdered this year. Diego Fernández de Cevallos, a former presidential candidate of the ruling National Action Party, is still missing after being kidnapped in May. (continue reading… )



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