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Rio de Janeiro shaken by fresh gang violence

Posted in News and Articles, Political Risk by politicalrisklatam on November 25, 2010

by BBC News Latin America & Caribbean, Novemeber 25th, 2010

Police and gang members have clashed in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro for a fourth day, despite further raids by security forces.

At least 15 people were reported killed on Wednesday as police sought to quell the wave of gang violence. Heavily armed men continued to stop cars and buses, rob passengers and set vehicles alight, police said.

Officials say drug traffickers are fighting back against police operations aimed at pacifying city slums. “There are groups of criminals who have been installed here for 20, 30 years, and they might not want to give up,” said Rio state public safety director Jose Beltrame. “But we’re not giving up either. If they keep this up, we will redouble our efforts. Anyone who gets in our path will be run over.”

Military police said 15 suspected gang members had died in shootouts with officers on Wednesday. Since the weekend, more than 20 people have died in clashes. One of the victims was a 14-year-old girl hit by a stray bullet in the area of Penha, the Brazilian newspaper O Globo reported. Two policemen were wounded in the clashes, officials said.

The Brazilian G1 news website said bombs, grenades and guns had been seized in police raids. (continue reading… )


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