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Argentina’s 2011 presidential election: a Peronist party dispute, forecasts analyst

Posted in News and Articles, Political Risk by politicalrisklatam on November 30, 2010

by Merco Press News, November 30th, 2010.

The most probable political scenario for Argentina’s October 2011 presidential election is a run-off between two candidates from the hegemonic Justicialista party, centre left and centre right, according to Argentine historian and political analyst Rosendo Fraga.

The expert was invited to Montevideo by the Uruguayan Chamber of Commerce and Services and the Uruguayan International Relations Council, to give a conference on the Argentine political outlook a month after the death of former president Nestor Kirchner, the country’s most influential leader as recognized by friends and foes.

“A month ago the president in the run off would have been opposition candidate Raul Alfonsín. If elections were held today, President Cristina Kirchner would repeat. In the coming eleven months the most probable scenario is for two (ruling party) Peronists to dispute the run off”, said Fraga.

He added that “the most probable incumbent candidate will be President Cristina Kirchner, although Daniel Scioli, the second most important figure in the ruling Peronist Party and governor of the decisive Buenos Aires province, revealed it’s not clear whether Mrs Kirchner will effectively be running”. (continue reading… )


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