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Argentina satisfied with G20 proposal to stimulate food production

Posted in News and Articles, Political Risk by politicalrisklatam on February 21, 2011

by Merco Press News, February 21st, 2011.

Argentina is satisfied with the outcome of the G-20 ministerial meeting after the proposal to regulate commodities prices was turned down, particularly in the food chapter, and because it was agreed that the best way to address current tensions is to stimulate supply.

“The final declaration is quite clear as to which is the path to follow…” said Argentine Economy minister Amado Boudou and that is: “to increase the supply of food stuffs”.

During the press conference following the consensus reached over the weekend in Paris Boudou underlined that “it’s clear that regulating prices is a hurdle to increase production and meet the growing world demand for food commodities”.

Referring to the agreement reached by the members of the G20 over the evaluations on global economic policies, Boudou assured that they “are happy that this kind of debates is useful to progress.”

Boudou also revealed that there’s a “consensus to limit speculative operations” in commodities’ markets, particularly future trading with the purpose of a better regulation of financial markets. (continue reading… )


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