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Cuba keeps its eye on Middle East uprisings

Posted in News and Articles, Political Risk by politicalrisklatam on March 14, 2011

by Global Public Square – CNN World, March 14th, 2011.

The recent uprisings in the Middle East have stirred up often surprising emotions and fears in Cuba, where brothers Fidel and Raul Castro have ruled for more than 50 years.

Cuban dissidents were quick to champion the cause of the young protesters in Tunisia and Egypt while exiles wondered out loud if Cuba’s communist government wouldn’t be the next to fall.

Prominent blogger Yoani Sanchez followed the events with daily tweets. On the day Hosni Mubarak fled, she declared: “Right now I feel like I’m in Cairo. I am shouting and celebrating with them. I call all my friends to say: there is one less dictator!”

The government she so frequently criticizes also threw its support behind the “revolutionary rebellion” in Egypt, comparing protesters to the ragtag rebels led by former president Fidel Castro in 1959.

When Mubarak fell, Castro hailed the “defeat of the United States’ principal ally in the bosom of Arab countries” in one of his “Reflections” published in state media and read aloud on television. (continue reading… )



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