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Venezuela: Chávez van Gogh

Posted in News and Articles, Political Risk by politicalrisklatam on July 15, 2011

by Stefan Wagstyl for Financial Times – Beyond Brics, July 15th, 2011.

It is well known that Hugo Chávez is a former military man. Many are also aware of his passion for baseball, a career the left-handed pitcher abandoned in order to join the army. But it often goes unmentioned that he is also an enthusiastic painter.

Venezuela’s multi-talented leader clearly wanted to remind the nation of this, as he greeted ministers to a televised cabinet meeting at the presidential palace this morning, while putting the finishing touches to his latest masterpiece.

At a time when the notoriously active leader is having to moderate his normally energetic schedule, as he faces the prospect of undergoing chemotherapy – media reports sugges the may go to the same hospital in Brazil where Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo was successfully treated for his cancer – he seems to continue to want to give the impression that he is in control, and can do anything and everything.

That is in spite of his own admission this week that he “needs to learn to delegate”, and that he must temper his micromanaging style. “I was killing myself…. It was permanent anxiety, sometimes I couldn’t breathe,” he confessed, approvingly quoting advice from his
mentor Fidel Castro: “Chávez cannot be the mayor of all Venezuela.” (continue reading… )


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